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Preschool Curriculum

Our Reading, Math, Science and Spanish Curriculum

We use the Frog Street Press curriculum, which is widely considered to be the premier curriculum available for preschoolers, as our base for our reading, phonics, math, science and Spanish programs.  However, we are different from other schools, Our students receive so much more by combining the standard curriculum with classes in completely different areas such as the performing and fine arts that result in developing the whole child.

         Your child will excel with the Frog Street Press curriculum    

The Frog Street program contains:

  • an extensive integration of theme, discipline, and domains.
  • special attention to social-emotional development.
  • many levels and support of differentiated instruction.
  • a joyful approach to learning.


         Frog Street Preschool Program Overview    

Each class begins with a Greeting Circle, where the focus is building a sense of community. Children sing, perform a calming strategy (de-stressor), connect with classmates through fun activities and commit to helping keep the classroom safe.

Greeting Circle is followed by a Moving and Learning activity where children sing, dance or play games that relate to both program themes and lesson skills.  Two suggested Read-Aloud activities each day foster children’s oral language and sense of story. Children are actively involved in thoughtful discussions and immersed in robust vocabulary. They represent both fiction and nonfiction, varied genres (narrative, prose, predictable), art styles and photography and include traditional and new pieces of literature. Beyond the theme-related books, there are additional libraries for literacy, math, science and social skills that also integrate instruction with the program themes and skill continuums. The program includes a wealth of integrated listening stories, participation stories, and 34 story folders with props which enable children to re-enact the stories.

Literacy and math lessons are offered daily. Lessons are short, theme-related and filled with hands-on applications and meaningful context. They follow a continuum that ensures all children build foundation skills before they are expected to master more complex and challenging skills and concepts. Lessons spiral so that each time children return to a lesson concept or skill, they are able to expand their understanding.


Our curriculum is extended by the following:

  • Art: Drawing, Painting, Sculpting & Crafting
  • Dance: Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop & Ballet
  • Music: Piano, Percussion, & Singing
  • Performance Skills
  • Library
  • Technology/Robotics
  • Drama / Dramatic Play