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My Child Asked for “Skylanders” for Christmas… Help!

Date: November 27, 2013 Author: stagesacademy Categories: Elementary School, Play

Ok, while most of the preschool parents at our school won’t be dealing with this, I’m a parent of two elementary school aged boys and I can tell you that pretty much any parent of boys over the age of 5 either has heard of Skylanders or is going to.  In 3….2…..1….. As I can…

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5 Great Games for Outdoor Play… Indoors!

Date: October 10, 2013 Author: stagesacademy Categories: Play, Preschool

  Kids love to play outside.  If you don’t believe me, (or if you just want to see some pictures of our adorable students) check out the Stages Academy Facebook page (and, if you wouldn’t mind, please “like” the page while you’re there…It makes our day!) They need the large motor activity.  They need to…

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