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Stages Academy – Falls (Levittown)

Our first location in Falls Township has been a smashing success. Since opening in Fall 2013, we have gone from a school of 13 students to over 100 students.

By putting arts and academics on an even playing field, we offer the best, most well-rounded preschool education available anywhere. Most schools offer either a half day nursery school or a full day of play with maybe a few educational elements thrown in. Educationally, I would put our program against a Montessori any day. Our students have daily classes in Language arts, Math/Science, Spanish and Reading enrichment and/or Library. Our school library houses nearly 3000 books.

But it’s what we do in addition to that which makes us really special. There are plenty of programs that have an arts and crafts class or a movement class but they are usually an extra charge and take place once per week. We incorporate the arts into the daily lives of our students by not only giving them daily classes in dance, drama, art, and music but by putting a real value on their arts education. That distinction of value lets our kids know that we find the arts to be equally important to formal education. Whether it’s through encouraging them to perform at recitals three times per year or by turning our school into an art gallery with their work for our once yearly art show, the kids know that their work is valued both academically and artistically.

The emphasis that we place on the arts gives the children a real opportunity to shine. It gives them confidence not only in their ability but in performing before an audience. By doing so, it gives them the confidence that they need in school, to raise their hand, to speak in class, to stand up at the front of the class and speak to their peers.

Finally, our STEAM (STEM plus Arts) program allows our children to activate their brains to think in a logical, critical way. In addition to our interactive whiteboard, computer lab and LeapPad collection, where students learn to interact with technology in an educational way, we have a small (and seemingly ever growing) army of robots which allow our students from the age of three to learn beginning robotics and coding. They learn to sequence events and instruct the robots to do as they command, learning from their successes and their mistakes how to improve the robot’s performance.

Exercising both halves of a child’s brain (the creative and the logical) is what leads them to educational and lifetime success. Most of the brain develops before the age of 5. Wouldn’t you want to give your child the key to access their full potential as early as possible?