Our Mission

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Our Mission

Our mission is short, simple and to the point:

Our mission is to teach children to express themselves through their own unique, creative ideas and talents, using superior academics, technology, music, dance, art, Spanish, and drama.  Our goal is to create a generation of young people who are equipped to learn and excel for a lifetime.

It might be easier to state what our mission is NOT!

NOT what we do What we do
We are not a play-based daycare / childcare. We are here to teach and build up your child’s self-confidence.
Our students are not under one teacher all day. Our students move from classroom to classroom where they have a varied experience with qualified teachers who have degrees and specialized experience in each subject area.
We don’t just teach the alphabet and numbers. Our students receive daily lessons in music, technology/robotics, art, drama/role playing, dance and Spanish.
We don’t leave out important areas of preparation required for kindergarten readiness Our students also receive an emphasis in a full STEAM (STEM plus Arts) program.