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What You Can Do Today To Boost Your Child’s Success In Kindergarten

Date: February 26, 2014 Author: stagesacademy Categories: Elementary School, Preschool

Well, it’s March (or almost March) and it’s THAT time of year. What time of year, you ask?

Pre-K Journaling

Why it’s the time of year where preschools all across the country see a jump in their 4 year old registration. You don’t understand why? It’s simple really.  It’s because a whole bunch of parents just realized that they have kids entering Kindergarten next year and they want to try to get them ready.

Seems like it might be a case of too little, too late, doesn’t it? I mean, how much could they possibly learn before Kindergarten starts?

You might be surprised.

While even a quality preschool program might not be able to teach a Pre-K student who enrolls in the first week of March and who doesn’t have any letter recognition skillswhen they enroll how to read before they go to Kindergarten (as they may be able to for a child who has been in the Pre-K program for the full school year), there are a number of things that the school can do to ready your child for Kindergarten. From socialization skills to academic skills to independence skills, getting ready for Kindergarten can take a variety of forms.

Students who attend a Pre-K program (even for only the few months left before September rolls around), have a distinct advantage of children who are either at home, with a family member or in a daycare situation prior to Kindergarten. (National Institute of Early Education Research, Preschool Policy Brief, March 2005, “Prepared for Kindergarten: What Does ‘Readiness’ Mean?”)  Being ready for Kindergarten, even if that only means knowing how to sit in class and being ready to learn, means having an early advantage in school.  It is an immeasurable benefit to their confidence as their formal school career begins.

So, what are the top 5 skills that your child can learn in a Pre-K program that will give them that “leg up” in Kindergarten, even this late in the year?

  1. Classroom Etiquette – Sitting still and paying attention, not disrupting the class, following class rules, using manners, following the classroom flow, moving from one activity to another.
  2. Socialization – Taking turns, making friends, recognizing and responding appropriately to other people’s feelings, expressing needs and wants verbally, using words (rather than physical action) to express emotions such as anger, frustration or disappointment.
  3. Independence Skills – Separating from their caregiver in the morning and transitioning to class, taking care of their own bathroom needs (because no one is going to help them in Kindergarten), cleaning up after themselves, eating lunch like a “big kid”.
  4. Fine Motor Skills – learning to hold a pencil properly, tracing lines and shapes, controlled cutting with scissors.
  5. Academic Skills – Literacy skills (recognizing the letters in both upper and lower case, identifying correct letter sounds, pre-writing skills), numeracy skills (recognizing the numbers up to 20, counting with one to one correspondence, sorting items, identifying colors), following two or more step directions.

Our Pre-K class at Stages Academy teaches all of these skills and so much more.  And we just opened up a new Pre-K class so that we have a few spots left for the Spring/Summer sessions.  The way that this month is going, however, they won’t be around for long.

The fact that we never have a class above 10 students in our Pre-K class means that each of our students gets the individualized attention that they need to reach their full potential.  And we have an unbelievable arts program on top of the finest academics program available.

Don’t wait a second longer. Call to schedule a tour today so your child can have that “leg up” into Kindergarten.



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