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The Best Resolution You Can Make For Your Child

Date: December 31, 2013 Author: stagesacademy Categories: Elementary School, Preschool

In this season of fresh starts, new beginnings, and promises to do better for ourselves, I thought I’d talk a little bit about improvements.

You’re making resolutions this year, aren’t you?  I know I am.  And I think that our kids deserve some promises to improve too.

Take a deep breath.  I’m not suggesting that they need to lose that 10 pounds.  (I would never suggest such a thing even if I thought that they needed to… Thankfully, I have a better filter than that….)

What I’m suggesting is that this is the right time of year to think about all our children are doing every day.  What are they learning?  Is their daily activity as stimulating as it might be?  Your child’s brain develops most lifelong skills between the ages of 1 and 6.  This is the time to evaluate their daily routine and make sure that you’re setting the best foundation for them to build on.

Are they learning all that they could be?  Are you giving them the best opportunities to develop their minds and bodies every day?  Remember, these are lifelong habits and patterns that you are setting.

I’m sure that you’re doing a great job.  But there’s always room to improve.  Every child needs physical, mental and creative stimulation to thrive.

Although Stages Academy offers the most well rounded program that we know of, even we have room to improve.  And improving we are….

You’re planning to exercise in the New Year, right?  What about your kids?  In our largely sedentary society, there cannot be too many opportunities to get up off of the couch and participate in large muscle activity.

In addition to the daily dance classes (in ballet, tap or jazz) that our students receive, we will be implementing daily classes in yoga and other organized large muscle activities when the weather is inclement….  We might even Zumba!

But exercising your brain is important too.  We have one of the best academic programs anywhere.  Bar none.  Our students are well prepared for Kindergarten and beyond, but there’s always room for improvement there too.

We practice daily organizational thinking in our daily Math/Science classes and in our Piano class.  But we


wondered if there wasn’t even more we could be teaching our students about logical processes and scientific thinking.  So we’re adding programs to teach our preschoolers and Pre-K children more about problem solving over a longer period of time.

Reading and writing readiness is key to having a successful school career.  And, of course, our students practice reading and writing in their daily Language Arts and Spanish classes.  They work on their storytelling concepts in their daily Drama class.  As we’ve said though, there’s always more that can be done.

Our preschool and Pre-K students are going to start learning not just reading readiness, but writing readiness as well.  They will practice journaling in all of their academic classes using the “kid writing” style used in most (if not all) area Kindergarten classes.

Last, but certainly not least, is creative thinking.  As mentioned, our students have their daily drama classes which allow them to explore different theatrical concepts as well as to prepare them to perform in front of a group, whether that be on stage or just raising their hand to participate in a classroom without fear.  Our daily Art class has grown leaps and bounds for the next year as well.  Instead of just crafts (which our students do in most classes), our students are stretching their understanding of what makes art.  Whether it’s a study of composition, line, texture or perspective, our students are being challenged every day to push themselves and their creative understanding.

We’ve resolved to give our kids the best education possible.  Have you?

Contact us at 267-981-5047 to schedule a tour today and find out.

We still have a couple of spaces left for Winter 2014 and are currently accepting early registration for our Musical Theatre Arts Summer Camps and our 2014-2015 academic year.