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When is it Time to Leave Your Preschool?

Date: November 24, 2013 Author: stagesacademy Categories: Preschool

This might sound like a strange thing to mention, since we, well, run a preschool.  But let me tell it to you straight.

No matter what your school tells you, kids change preschools.  They do it all the time.

And December and January are the most common times of year to make the switch.  Why?  Because it’s the least disruptive time of year for the kids to settle somewhere new.   Also, I suspect that it has something to do with the fact that parents tend to take time off of work in December and actually have time to visit preschools.

Not every school is right for every child.

Not every school is right for every child.

So, why do they move?

Sometimes it’s for a perfectly obvious reason.  Sometimes parents move.  Sometimes illness or family financial situation cause a family to withdraw from a school.

But there are less obvious, but perfectly legitimate, reasons too.  And if you’re experiencing any of these at your daycare or preschool, it might be time to consider a move.  And soon.

Here are some common ones that we hear:

  1. My child’s class became overcrowded.  – Did you start the year with 5 kids in your child’s class and now they’re up to 15?  Overcrowding is a big problem in child care.  And very common.  While there are usually enough adults present to keep in ratio (which the State requires), you have to wonder how well children can really learn with so many kids in the same room.
  2. My child isn’t getting what I was promised.  – Were you promised that your child would be receiving certain classes, activities or benefits that they aren’t getting?  Sometimes it’s due to overcrowding (see #1), sometimes it’s due to an inconsistency in teaching, and sometimes it’s due to the fact that sometimes people will say anything to enroll a student in their school.  Whichever one it is, it might be time to change to somewhere that you can get what you want for your child.
  3. My child’s teacher hates them.  – Ok, well, it’s not likely that the teacher actually HATES your child.  Most teachers that work in a child care setting love kids.  Even when they’re difficult.  But, not every personality connects well with every other personality.  Teachers and students are no different.  Having a teacher that doesn’t seem to get along with your child can be frustrating.  Particularly when your child is with that teacher all day long.  Now, I wouldn’t jump ship immediately because of a personality conflict, but I would speak to the Director of the school and ask that there be some kind of meeting so that a resolution can be reached rather than letting the concern fester.  But if the Director is unwilling to help and the situation doesn’t seem to be improving, you might want to leave.  These are the most formative years of your child’s life.  You don’t want to waste them having your child being miserable and learning to resent school.
  4. I just didn’t like it there.  – Hey, you’re the parent.  If something’s not rubbing you the right way about your child’s school, you know best.  Trust your instinct.

If any of these are ringing true for you, now might just be a great time for you to consider a move.  At Stages Academy, we are scheduling daily private tours throughout December and January and most good preschools should be willing to do the same.

These early years too short to waste in the wrong situation for your child.  Don’t waste any more time.

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